This module has been the most useful so far in terms of becoming a professional photographer. It feels great to finally have a website that works as well as a CV to accompany it. I finally feel like I have taken another step into the industry. I have learned the importance of organisation, formatting layouts […]

you get a random enquiry from someone asking to assist you! You’ve just received a new submission to your Contact Form.   Submitted Information: Name paul claridge Email Comment I thought this may be worth a try and wondered what your thoughts were on this. I am a hobbyist/freelance photographer who more recently has been […]

This was such an exciting shoots. Ellie is based in Taunton, so once we got there Beth did Ella’s make up in the style of a young deer, with cute little freckles that she did with a tiny brush. We then had a 30min drive up into the Quantocks. The colours were amazing, and I […]

AOP_Model_Release_Form This is an example of a model realease form, these are used when working with people when creating imagery. I will have to send this to all of the people I photograph for my project, due to wanting to actually use the images to raise awareness of ME/CFS. I have sent one to Millie, […]


Group presentation Personally I felt that our group presentation went quite well.. it was a struggle at first to get everyone together and on the same page, but by the time presentation day came around we had worked together well enough to create a presentation that ran smoothly. I was so nervous for my part […]